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ISA 95

WG 1 - Process-Centric Messaging

ISA95, Enterprise-Control System Integration

The ISA95 committee has developed and is continuing to work on a multipart series of standards that defines the interfaces between enterprise activities and control activities. ANSI/ISA-95.00.01-2000, Enterprise-Control System Integration, Part 1: Models and Terminology, provides standard terminology and a consistent set of concepts and models for integrating control systems with enterprise systems that will improve communications between all parties involved. The models and terminology emphasize good integration practices of control systems with enterprise systems during the entire life cycle of the systems. This Part 1 standard is currently undergoing revision by the ISA95 committee.

Other standards in the series include:

ANSI/ISA-95.00.02-2001, Enterprise-Control System Integration, Part 2: Object Model Attributes, contains additional details and examples to help explain and illustrate the Part 1 objects. This Part 2 standard also is currently in revision.

ANSI/ISA-95.00.03-2005, Enterprise-Control System Integration, Part 3: Activity Models of Manufacturing Operations Management, presents models and terminology for defining the activities of manufacturing operations management.

ANSI/ISA-95.00.05-2007, En5terprise-Control System Integration, Part 5: Business-to-Manufacturing Transactions, defines the transactions to interface business and manufacturing activities.

For information on obtaining these published standards, scroll down and select the "List of Standards for Committee" link below.

Current work: In addition to the revision work mentioned above, ISA95 is currently developing additional standards in the series, including Part 4: Activity Models of Manufacturing Operations Management.

Meetings: ISA95 does much of its work electronically, but also holds periodic face-to-face meetings. The next planned meetings in 2008 are June 3-5 in West Palm Beach, Florida, and August 5-7 in Redmond, Washington. For more information on ISA95, contact Charley Robinson, ISA Standards.

ISA95 Scope

  • Multi-part effort
  • Define in detail an abstract model of the enterprise, including manufacturing control functions and business functions, and its information exchange.
  • Establish common terminology for the description and understanding of enterprise, including manufacturing control functions and business process functions, and its information exchange.
  • Define electronic information exchange between the manufacturing control functions and other enterprise functions including data models and exchange definitions.

ISA95 Purpose

To create a standard that will define the interface between control functions and other enterprise functions based upon the Purdue Reference Model for CIM (hierarchical form) as published by ISA. The interface initially considered is the interface between levels 3 and 4 of that model. Additional interfaces will be considered, as appropriate. The goal is to reduce the risk, cost, and errors associated with implementing these interfaces. The standard must define information exchange that is robust, safe, and cost effective. The exchange mechanism must preserve the integrity of each system's information and span of control.

Standards Collaborations

ISA collaborates with other organizations in developing industry standards. 



  MESA International
  Open Applications Group
  PRODML (the Production Markup Language)